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So you've finally become a Dreadnought - congratulations! The access to S-Grade equipment and above, as well as the new skills available to you will help you become even more efficient in killing multiple mobs. What I'm going to discuss in this guide is how to optimize your character and how to approach hunting grounds so you get the best possible result. Character setup Because the focus is on PvE, which is where the Dreadnought shines the most anyway, you need to maximize your damage output and speed of killing. The key is determining how much you can risk in reducing your HP by taking off your CON stat in order to increase your STR and DEX. It all depends on how much buffs are available to you which is directly related to the party you play most often with. Healers also make a difference and can compensate for the lack of buffs, so take that into account as well. If you have a good support of either buffs and heal, or both, you can safely put on STR +4/5 DEX +4 and CON -8/9. Because you're a human fighter class, you still end up with enough HP. Your Battle Roar skill and possibly a Health SA polearm (although not the most optimal choice) can compensate completely for your low Constitution and allow you to bring a bigger train of mobs. As for equipment, Haste SA is the optimal choice for a weapon, but Critical Stun, Guidance and Wide Blow are also not bad choices. Health SA is nice if you tend to do some PvP as well, and will also make it easier to survive in PvE and reduce the number of critical situations you end up in. Armor wise, Draconic works better than Imperial Crusader for the S-Grade range, at least in most cases, because of the Evasion bonus and the better offensive stats bonuses. It lacks any resistances though and the IC with it's Hold resistance in particular, and the noticeable increase in P.Def might be the better choice for certain hunting zones. You really need to test it out yourself and see what works better. In the S80 range, the bonuses from both heavy and light are the same, so it's a matter of P.Def versus Evasion, so therefore up to your personal preference. When it comes to putting attributes on your weapon and armor, it should be something that works best against the mobs you're killing most often every time you play. Holy is perhaps the most popular attribute for a polearm because the majority of high level mobs are Dark resistant, but with the changes in the Epilogue version of Lineage 2 this doesn't hold up completely anymore. As for armor, it's the same thing - just maximize the resistance to the attacking attribute element of the mobs in the area where you kill. Killing demons for instance would mean you should put Holy stones on your armor to get resistance to Dark attacks. Some PvE playstyle tips Never pull in too many mobs because you not only risk getting hurt too much on the way, but it would also take longer to kill them, longer to pick up the loot and longer to regenerate the MP you've used. Speaking of MP, it's optimal if you don't cast Provoke more than 1-2 times per mob train. This will leave you more MP to use for other skills such as Howl, your stun skills, Accuracy toggles (whenever necessary), and your regular Thrill Fight, War Cry, Battle Roar combo. Fell Swoop is rarely necessary as you can already hit a lot of mobs at this level. Very often you end up having 1 or 2 mobs survive longer than the rest. To minimize the chance of that, try to change your target of attack often while killing the train of mobs. That will ensure you give equal damage all around you. When there's just a single mob left, switch on your Focus Attack toggle to finish it off quicker. To help pick up your loot faster and also run faster on your next mob train gathering, alt-click your Thrill Fight to erase it and turn it on again just when you start killing again.
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It's impossible to reveal all possible tricks that are availalbe to us Dreadnoughts in such limited space, but if you're interested in learning a lot more and seriously improve your warlording skills thus becoming the ultimate PvE killing machine, check out Mayu's Ultimate Warlord Guide. In addition, feel free to visit our Lineage 2 Universe website as it contains useful articles to help you with different aspects of Lineage 2.

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